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#4 Home Staging and Redesign Success Story Videos

Learn how you too can become a staging/redesign specialist.
Students come to us from all backgrounds, locations, ages and experience levels.
No matter what your circumstance is, you can learn to do this business.

Each are independent contractors and solely responsible for any claims or representations
they make and are not employees of Decorate-Redecorate.Com

Video lengths: Approximately 1 minute each.
Please be patient while videos load. Thank you.

Contact Runya Schechner, CSS/CRS
(954) 974-5004 | Fort Lauderdale, FL | Email

Contact Sandy Chisholm, CSS/CRS
(509) 466-2726 | Nine Mile Falls, WA | Email

Contact Barb Coombs, CSS
(513) 484-5263 | Fairfield, OH | Email

Contact Chandra Humphries
(513) 237-8344 | Fairfield, OH | Email

Contact Gayle Jussel
(847) 689-4759 | Great Lakes, IL | Email

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