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Thanksgiving Bouquets

Here are some quick techniques for getting color and fragrance onto your festive tables. For quick color, fill the vases with cranberries or kumquats. Then add your flowers, which you have chosen in complementary shades. But be sure to fill the vase with water before adding the flowers.

Start your flower bouquet with thick-stemmed flowers. Then as you go fill in with blooms that have more delicate stems until it looks full and balanced. This is, of course, if you're making a symmetrical arrangement or a round arrangement that is seen on all sides. For an a-symmetrical arrangement, place your focal point flower first, and then add from that point.

If budget is a problem, choose inexpensive flowers such as poppies, daisies or dahlias. Arrange them in old containers, such as milk cans or glass tumblers. Make one large arrangement or break them up into several small bouquets of flowers and string them down the center of the table.

With higher ceilings in today's dining rooms, the tendency is to create table arrangements that are tall. The problem is, when guests are seated at the table, you want them to be able to see each other and converse easily. So before everyone sits down to eat, change out the bouquet to one that sits no taller than 14 inches from the table.

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