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home staging, staging homes, how to stage homes
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Thanksgiving Ideas

Why not decorate outside the box this year? Like how about expanding your space and move the party outside of the dining room for a change. Here are a few quick, easy tips.

Make the other furniture in your home serve double duty. For instance, clear off a side table or a desk top in another room and use the surface as a dessert station.

Create more visual interest in these other locations by varying the height and size of the dishes and serving items on these displays. Use a taller bouquet here than on the eating table. Place some trifle bowls around. Use different dishes and glassware. Use different utensils. Have a new set of napkins here.

This is a great place to place an ice bucket and drinking glasses. Put items on a large tray so that they can easily be moved or replaced. The color palette can stay the same as on your main table, or it can be totally different. After all, this surface is in a completely different room. So there are no rules to follow. This way you can expand your creativity all you want.

If time is of the essence, or you're like me and hate to cook, purchase your pies. You can even have pies shipped to you overnight if you're really pressed for time: Julian Pie Company (760) 765-2449; Crane's Pie Pantry (269) 561-2297; Goode Company (800) 627-3502; Zingerman's Cranberry (888) 636-8162.

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