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Thanksgiving Plants

Did you know that common houseplants are very efficient at removing some pollutants from the air? A fact discovered by NASA.

It's no secret that plants take in carbon dioxide and give off clean oxygen and water vapor. But some plants also take in pollutants in their tiny openings called stomates, located in the leaves. Once the pollutants are trapped inside the plant, they are broken down into less harmful compounds. Since indoor air pollution is a growing problem, plants can help. We're right now in the closing days of the huge fires here in Southern California. My husband lost his voice from the smoke in the air. So I've got pollution on my mind.

Pressed wood products in your home sends out formaldehyde, as well as emissions from your un-vented heaters and gas stoves. The end result is allergic reactions and chronic illnesses according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

So smart decorators fill the home with live plants to filter the air while beautifying the home. But note you'll need at least 15-20 plants in an 1,800 square foot home. Place your plants where air circulates, such as near duct vents.

Here's a short list of the best removers of common indoor pollutants: mother-in-law tongue, corn plant, peperomia, mini schefflera, Chinese evergreen, golden pothos, aloe vera, lacy tree, green spider plant, elephant ear philodendron, heart leaf philodendron. For the heartiest plants, choose plants with dark green leaves. They need less water and sun.

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