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Did you know that accessories reflect your personality? The moment someone enters your home, they can tell instantly what kind of person you are. Make you feel uneasy? It would be like having a psychiatrist peeking into your head without telling you. Accessories tell alot about what you like to do, what you like to collect, where you've been, what your hobbies are, what you do for a living, whether you have a sense of humor, whether you are informal and laid back or whether you are formal and kind of reserved, and much, much more.

This is why they are so important. If you don't have very many accessories in a room, what do you think that says about you? If your room is filled to capacity with all kinds of accessories, what do you think that says about you?

Many years ago this homeowner got captivated by the "country" look and starting bringing in all kinds of handmade arts and crafts products and scattered them around my family room and kitchen. It didn't take long for it to begin to look "full" and even somewhat "cluttered", even though they were well placed. Here's an example of a cluttered kitchen. Notice all the stuff on the refrigerator held in place by magnets. Clutter! Notice all the appliances on the counter. Most are seldom used, but just taking up space.

redecorating kitchen, free decorating tips Recently tiring of it all, the wife began to simplify by taking alot of them away and instantly her home took on a more modern look, just because there was more room for the eye to rest. So now, gone for the most part, are the country arts 'n crafts and her kitchen has taken on a whole new personality, just by making this one simple change which only involved taking off the papers and photos on the refrigerator, putting the seldom used appliances in a cupboard, out of sight, and only leaving out the things that she uses on a regular basis. Not only does the kitchen appear less messy, she found she is more motivated to keep it looking clean and orderly now that the clutter has been removed.

home decorating tips, kitchens See what a difference the elimination of a few decorative objects and other cluttering items can make. In small areas, this can make a huge impact on the personality of the room and what it says about the owner.

There are lots of accessories one can use to decorate a room: pillows, plants, books, art, mirrors, clocks, shelves, family photos, vases, flowers, decorative boxes, sculptures, candles, awards, trophies, musical instruments, decorative plates, you name it. Just make sure that what you place around you fits your personality and lifestyle and that you don't overdo it.

decor secrets revealed, decorating, redecorating To learn how to arrange all these wonderful personality driven elements into your home in a way that enhances the room, order a copy of my eBook, Decor Secrets Revealed now. Click on one of the links below to go to our order processing forms.

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Perfect Furniture Arranging

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decor secrets revealed, decorating, redecorating
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