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It's Little Things That Sometimes Make All the Difference!

How many of us have little things that have become a part of our decor that are irritating? Here are some basic interior decorating or home decorating tips that you might have ignored. For example, do you try to hide that white plastic tag attached to an electrical cord that you're afraid of taking off because it's a warning? Go ahead! Take it off! You don't need it and it past time to lose it.

How about that plastic wrap on your newest lamp? I just took mine off last week. For some strange reason, I wanted to keep it on the lamp for an unspecified length of time. Why? I don't know why, but I did! So off it finally came.

Does your sofa have arm pads on it that have been there for the last 5 years? Why are you leaving them on? Take them off. Inevitably you're going to wind up with a sofa whose fabric has become faded and/or dirty over time, and you'll just wind up with arms that don't match. Loosen up. Take them off and enjoy your sofa to the fullest. You won't have to keep straightening up the arms either. Stop cheating yourself from the full enjoyment of your furniture.

How about those spindly looking half dead plants you've got tucked here and there? Throw those things out! Dead leaves or sparse branches look terrible. Yeah, I know, maybe it's still alive and will bloom again. Well, if you can't bear to toss it yet, at least put it where no one will see it but you.

How about the fine china or crystal on the shelf that still has the store label on the bottom or back? Take them off. Better for it to look used and a part of your family than to look like you just bought it.

Then there are those pillows with the label tags. Believe me, it's ok to get rid of them so you can stop rearranging your pillow to hide them every time someone moves them around.

Light all of your candles at least once. Again, we want our homes to look as if someone actually lives there and enjoys it. To make your candles last longer, after you have lit them once, pinch off half of the burned wick. You will thus get rid of the waxy pool that builds up in your wider candles and this will make your candles last twice as long.

Remove all of the dust covers from your hardbound books (unless the book is a first edition or the dust cover is nicer than the book itself). You'd be amazed at how much nicer your bookcase looks when you remove all of the gawdy colors usually found on dust covers to help sell the book.

Dust! I know it's a headache and a nuisance. But there's nothing that's a bigger turn off than to visit someone's home who hasn't bothered to dust in some while. Besides, it's not healthy to have all that dust and dirt piling up. It gets stirred into the air and then you're breathing it. Bad for your family.

Remove clutter as much as possible. I collect Bombay boxes and other types of containers so that what I'm displaying is both decorative and functional. I've added quite a bit of storage capacity to my home by using trunks, chests and decorative boxes as part of my decor.

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