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Wallpaper and Wall Coverings Making a Comeback

Is faux finishing on it's way out? Good question. Certainly not to those who love it and who want something easy and quick. After a couple of decades of white walls and faux finishes, however, wallpaper is starting to make it big again, especially the custom and handmade products now on the market. Perhaps it's because of the TV makeover shows that it is gaining new popularity, and perhaps it's just time. As people are encouraged to be more daring and creative, they start looking for alternative ways of decorating and want something "new".

The wallpaper or wallcovering industry is smiling because after 6 years of declining sales, the future looks brighter and perhaps the downward spiral is over. So what is popular? Well, what seems to be saving the industry right now, as noted by home-improvement chains and upscale interior designers is the new textured wallpapers. Not to be confused with the grasscloths of the 60's and 70's, the artsy look is attracting appealing to those 30 and over.

Check out the new wall papers that incorporate unusual materials: sand, ribbons, glass beads. Then there's the simulated "sponge" or faux snakeskin. Included in the popular wallpapers are the cork and bark ones and some that appear to be sponged.

One of the most unique wall coverings are the collages created from real plant materials such as feathers and flowers. Indonesian woven raffia and Nepalese ferns and Belgian linen which looks like canvas and comes in an array of colors are some other popular trends. These papers are handmade and hand dyed with custom glazing.

As people look for textures and colors they can live with a long time, they are not only more discerning but willing to spend a little more to get a unique look. Wallpaper can dramatically change the whole look and feel of a room. If you were to see the same wallpaper in different color ways, you'd be amazed at how different they appear simply because the colors are different.

But handmade wallpaper is not new. It dates back to the mid-18th century. Now you can even find squares of paper cut by hand, sewn to a background, then sequins applied for a 3-D effect. Naturally this is very time consuming and labor intensive, therefore, quite expensive running about $6 per square foot. But to each his own.

So for a really jazzed up look or a richer, deeper effect, take another look at wallpaper. The color sinks into the paper, rather than just sitting on the surface of drywall, so it can give your home a richer look.

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